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surgical inst (Weapon Aid)

nothing left to say inst (Weapon Aid)

revenge inst (Weapon Aid)

ressurect me inst (Weapon Aid)

poison inst (Weapon Aid)

get well soon inst (Weapon Aid)

give myself inst (Weapon Aid)


never-know-inst (something different)

push-on-brothers-inst (something different)

gold-inst (something different)

swing-low-inst (something different)

midways-baby-inst (something different)

dues-inst (something different)

open-thrones-inst (something different)

i-dont-care-inst (something different)

the-motions-inst (something different)

time-over-wrist-inst (something different)

something-different-inst (something different)


Maybe This Moment pt3 inst

Maybe This Moment pt2 inst

Maybe This Moment pt1 inst















Ride A High inst (New Crayons)

Redefine Fresh inst (New Crayons)

Open Road Music inst (New Crayons)

New Approach inst (New Crayons)

Lift inst (New Crayons)

Hood Rap inst (New Crayons)

Gravity Give inst (New Crayons)

F-Yo-Life inst (New Crayons)

Dream Quick inst (New Crayons)

Dream Life Journey inst (New Crayons)

Disco Balls On Venus inst (New Crayons)


u.k.n.o.w.n.p.r.o.p.h.e.t.s INST (Now You Know)

Thought You Knew INST (Now You Know)

Sorry INST (Now You Know)

Rock It INST (Now You Know)

On and On INST (Now You Know)

Now You Know INST (Now You Know)

Nitty Gritty INST (Now You Know)

NE Time INST (Now You Know)

Mission Impossible INST (Now You Know)

It Could Happen to You INST (Now You Know)

Intro-I Need INST (Now You Know)

I Can’t Make You INST (Now You Know)

Get Along INST (Now You Know)

Dat Shit INST (Now You Know)

Da Da Da INST (Now You Know)

Changes INST (Now You Know)

All In My Head (phobia) INST (Now You Know)


4 The Kidz INST (World Premier)

Almost There INST(World Premier)

Amen INST (World Premier)

Be About It INST (World Premier)

Human INST (World Premier)

ItsTheWay INST (World Premier)

Never Inst (World Premier)

Ready INST (World Premier)

Take It There INST (World Premier)

The Robbery INST (World Premier)

The Weekend INST (World Premier)

The Wrong Route INST (World Premier)

This One INST (World Premier)

Us INST (World Premier)

With Who INST (World Premier)

World Premier INST (World Premier)

Buses inst (honorable Mention Vol 4)

Crutch inst (honorable Mention Vol 4)

Simple and Plain inst (honorable Mention Vol 4)

By The Deadline inst (Honorable Mention Vol 4)

Check It Out inst (Honorable Mention Vol 4)

Cock Back inst (Honorable Mention Vol 4)

Come Learn inst (Honorable Mention Vol 4)

Crucial inst (Honorable Mention Vol 4)

Deadline inst (Honorable Mention Vol 4)

Focused inst (Honorable Mention Vol 4)

Honorable Mention inst (Honorable Mention Vol 4)

It’s Never Too Late inst (Honorable Mention Vol 4)

Life Presever inst (Honorable Mention Vol 4)

Mass Transit inst (Honorable Mention Vol 4)

Mixtape inst (Honorable Mention Vol 4)

My Way Of Life inst (Honorable Mention Vol 4)

Next In Line inst (Honorable Mention Vol 4)

The Name inst (Honorable Mention Vol 4)

Tin Cup Song inst (Honorable Mention Vol 4)

Try Me inst (Honorable Mention Vol 4)

Urban Cowboy inst (Honorable Mention Vol 4)

What I’m About inst (Honorable Mention Vol 4)

When The Time Comes inst (Honorable Mention Vol 4)

All Day Inst (honorable mention vol 4)

Birth Inst (honorable mention vol 4)

It’s Ok To Be Different Inst (honorable mention vol 4)

More Inst (honorable mention vol 4)

Sick Inst (honorable mention vol 4)

sosickwiddit Inst (honorable mention vol 4)

Witness Inst (honorable mention vol 4)


Where Is Hip Hop Inst (Honorable Mention 3)

You Never Know Inst (Honorable Mention 3)

Traveler Inst (Honorable Mention 3)

Run Wild Inst (Honorable Mention 3)

To The Top Inst (Honorable Mention 3)

My 4ever Inst (Honorable Mention 3)

Loose Screws Inst (Honorable Mention 3)

MC Feast Inst (Honorable Mention 3)

Money.King.Dumb Inst (Honorable Mention 3)

Jealous Love Inst (Honorable Mention 3)

Crush Em All Inst (Honorable Mention 3)

Brass Knuckles Inst (Honorable Mention 3)

Been Down Inst (Honorable Mention 3)

40 Bottle of Hi-C Inst (Honorable Mention 3)


Clusterfuck Inst (Honorable Mention2)

No Sleep Inst (Honorable Mention2)

My World Inst (Honorable Mention2)

Pleasure And Pain Inst (Honorable Mention2)

I Came To Spit Inst (Honorable Mention2)

Ready Inst (Honorable Mention2)

Whats It Worth Inst (Honorable Mention2)

So Good – Travel Channel Inst (Honorable Mention2)

Through My Eyes Inst (Honorable Mention2)

Pushing Boundaries Inst (Honorable Mention2)

Falling Down Inst (Honorable Mention2)

Be Clear Inst (Honorable Mention2)

Be Fine Inst (Honorable Mention2)

Send Me Away Inst (Honorable Mention2)


Time Machine Inst (Honorable Mention Vol 1)

Thoughts For The Mind Inst (Honorable Mention Vol 1)

The Music Inst (Honorable Mention Vol 1)

The Cycle Inst (Honorable Mention Vol 1)

Stuck In My Ways Inst (Honorable Mention Vol 1)

Not Emo Inst (Honorable Mention Vol 1)

Lift It Up Inst (Honorable Mention Vol 1)

Kiss My Gun Inst (Honorable Mention Vol 1)

In Rap We Don’t Trust Inst (Honorable Mention Vol 1)

I Been Inst (Honorable Mention Vol 1)

Groceries Inst (Honorable Mention Vol 1)

Giving Tree Inst (Honorable Mention Vol 1)

Fire Inst (Honorable Mention Vol 1)

Feels Right Inst (Honorable Mention Vol 1)

Breathe Easy Inst (Honorable Mention Vol 1)

2nd To None Inst (Honorable Mention Vol 1)