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City Pages Interview

Big Jess City Pages“While he’s been recognized here before as one of Gimme Noise’s top 20 local rappers, Big Jess is also a talented producer, and has recently reminded us with a string of releases featuring a number of different rappers over his beats. The Honorable Mention series is already massive in scope, with three full length volumes already available for free via DJBooth and an extended fourth volume dropping this Friday.

To celebrate the final release of the series, Big Jess put together a unique showcase at the Nomad for a free Friday show which will feature no less than 30 rappers performing their contributions to the series. Gimme Noise sat with Jess at his home studio, where the bulk of the vocalists swung by to record, to talk about the undertaking.”

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Top 20 best Minnesota rappers

City Pages Top 20“In 2012, rap music is as definitive a part of Minnesota lore as the Mall of America — or anything else Muja Messiah name-checks in “Leech Lake” or Slug mentions in “Shhh.” Names like Hip Hop High, Headshots, Rhymesayers, the Hip Hop Fest, Soundset, and more signify tangible pieces of a local culture that has been steadily growing for decades, and shows no sign of waning. A bevy of local musicians do more than their fair share to keep hip-hop alive and vital, and so they’re the ones who figure into our top 20 Minnesota rappers.” –Reed Fischer

Big Jess is named #17 Best Rapper in Minnesota by City Pages staff!  Click here for full article.